Kim Roush

Kim Roush

Kim has been riding and working with horses since she was 10 (and we won't say how many years ago that was...). Kim has a heart for riding and teaching others to ride. At one point in her life she worked in group homes with the developmentally disabled and simultaneously worked with some of the same clients as a certified therapeutic riding instructor. Kim enjoys working with the wonderful participants, volunteers and horses at Horses of Hope!


Chris Hepp

Help us Welcome Chris Hepp to the Horses of Hope family.  Chris volunteered at HOH 12 years ago for 2 summers.  She is a grandma and happily retired.   

Chris has owned horses for years and taken several clinics back and has followed Buck Brannaman’s techniques.  If you ask Chris, she will tell you she has had the greatest horse of all time, Jackson.  Chris has known Jackson since he was 6 months old. Chris donated her well trained horse to our Program last summer in hopes he could help other horse people learn to ride.  Chris wants Jackson to be a member of the team with this one thought – “If one horse like Jackson, can make more people, than just myself, happy and feel good, then he is worth everything”. 

Chris feels blessed enough to possibly make a difference in some lives with a great program, great people and lovely horses.   “I have had horses for years and have always been educating myself on the best possible way to have a relationship with horses and keep them healthy and in a good mind set while riding.   I try and do what is right for the horse which has never failed me. I’ve studied Buck Brannaman for years and followed his teachings which have really worked for me. I love the Lord and have strong faith that carries me through any adversity I’ve ever faced in my life. God led my horse to you which led me to HoH”. 


Sue Cavanaugh


Please welcome Sue to our list of Amazing leaders at HoH and H&H. Sue has over 50 years of experience with horses. Sue has had horses much of her life and it rubbed off on her girls. She has horses of her own at home and has a long list of horse related love and experience. Sue was a 4H leader for several years, DC (District Commissioner) for Lion Country Pony Club and Secretary for LCPC for 10 years. Sue is also a Committee Member for the Special Olympics PA Summer Games Equestrian Events for 8 years.

Sue has volunteered with Horses of Hope and Heroes & Horses for eight years and has no intention of quitting anytime soon. In Fact, Sue will be starting her own program in May called “The In-Hand Connection” program. Sue will be teaching about horses, how to groom them, how to lead them, thus connecting with them. This will be a ground working program, no riding. Sue believes in making a connection doesn’t have to be on the back of a horse and she wants to show you how.